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"The essence of cinema is editing."

- Francis Ford Coppola

No edit is the same. A trailer isn't cut the same way as a commercial, and so isn't a documentary the same way as a fiction film. There are a multitude of video formats around, and each is cut according to a different set of standards.

Whether you've never seen a timeline before, or just need clarification on some advanced features, I will prepare you for any editing or color grading needs on either (or both!) of the following industry-standard softwares:

AVID logo.png

AVID Media Composer

DaVinci logo.png

DaVinci Resolve

When you purchase any amount of tutoring hours, I will contact you via e-mail within one day (even on the weekend!) and we will schedule your first (free) session.

First-time purchases get 1 EXTRA HOUR FOR FREE!

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